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603 km

4 days

Prices on request


Association, motorcycle club, works council or between friends, this formula is made for you.
You travel together without adding strangers to your group.
There are no specific date requirements, you select your trip from our existing road trips.
Prices : Please contact us for tarif details.



The road-trip in complete freedom according to your desires.
Modify this road trip to your liking -one more stopover, a special visit, a restaurant or hotel of very high standing ...
You travel, we organize.
Prices : Please contact us for details.


Le Puy-en-Velay loop - 236km

Please let us know if you would like to arrive the day before.

You leave Le Puy en Velay for the picturesque village of St Privat d’Allier which is one of the stages of the St James’ Way and the outskirts of the territory of the Beast of the Gevaudan. From there, you take a winding road through the wild gorges of the Allier and Mont Devès before finding yourselves at the Lac du Bouchet (a volcanic lake) and back in the Velay region.

As you continue your journey, you will be able to see the Mézenc massif and the Gerbier de Jonc mountains. You will then descend to the Château de Beaufort and the village of Goudet at the foot of which the Loire flows tranquilly.

You will ride along the Meygal massif and its « sucs » (small volcanic domes) until you reach the pass of Pertuis, then you will go to the Emblavez area and the village of Chamalière sur Loire where you will follow the gorges of the Loire. You will leave the valley to head towards the medieval village of Allègre at the foot of Mont Bar before returning to Le Puy en Velay, passing at the foot of St Vidal Castle and, impressively perched on its volcanic plug, the fortress of Polignac.


Le Puy-en-Velay loop - 180km

You will start this route in the direction of Ceyssac where you will see the remains of its 11th century castle, then you will take the Peyra Taillade pass going down.

The very many and imposing basaltic organs in Prades as well as the Roman chapel, Sainte Marie-des-Chazes, will be stopping points not to be missed. After crossing the Col de Fix Saint Geneys, a visit to the Château de Chavaniac-Lafayette is well worthwhile because it was here that one of the instigators of the Independence of the United States was born, the Marquis de Lafayette. If you are a Harley Davidson rider, this will be like your motorcycle pilgrimage site !
Continuing your journey, you will follow the Senouire valley which will lead you to La Chaise-Dieu with a visit to its magnificent 11th century Benedictine abbey, famous for its Danse Macabre fresco, its tapestries and its Echo chamber.

You will then ride through woods and over plateaus until you get to the gorges of the Loire. From Vorey sur Arzon as far as Lavoûte sur Loire before going up via a few sharp turns to Saint Paulien then ending up back in Le Puy-en-Velay.

You will then ride through woods and over plateaus until you get to the gorges of the Loire from Vorey sur Arzon as far as Lavoûte sur Loire before going up via a few sharp turns to Saint Paulien then ending up back in Le Puy-en-Velay.


Le Puy-en-Velay loop - 187km


On this trip, you will be visiting Allègre and its impressive gallows, the only remaining vestige of this 14th Century castle, which had 23 towers in 3 surrounding areas. Here you will be treated to a panoramic view over the Devès and Velay volcanoes, notably the Mont Bar just opposite Allegre, which is magnificent !

You will then cross the Casadéen plateau to the Suc du Beze, which you circle as you meander down through the Ance valley to the Loire. Your return towards Le Puy en Velay is through the Pays des Sucs. You will pass the Suc d’Ayme, the Suc de Jorance, la Huche Pointue, the Suc du Martouret and finally, the descent of Mont Serre.

The Vellave landscapes will no longer hold any secrets for you. Benvengut * en Velay!

There is a nocturnal guided tour that will take you through the alleys and ginnels of the old town and to visit the different laser displays of “Le Puy en Lumières”.

* Welcome in Occitan


Le Puy-en-Velay


Your road trip is over. It will be time to say goodbye after a last breakfast together.

A guided tour of Puy-en-Velay as well as access to the Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe rock and to the Virgin are possible if you wish to delay your departure by a few hours.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on this visit.

Le Puy-en-Velay

MAP - Moto Auvergne Plaisir reserves the right to modify the itinerary without notice as provided in the GTC and CDV
Non-contractual program.

The daily descriptive maps briefly represent the routes and are in no way the detailed GPX files that will be provided for the road trip.

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