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You join a group of 14 to 20 people maximum (pilot / passenger included) on one of our road trips for which the date has already been set.


Association, motorcycle club, works council or between friends, this formula is made for you.

You travel together without adding foreign people to your group.

Without imperative of dates, you select your trip among our existing road trips or personalized.

This formula is available only for women. Think of woman biker for women bikers.

Prices :Consult us


The road-trip in complete freedom with your desires.

We can modify our existing motorcycle trips to your liking (one more step, a particular visit, a very high standard restaurant or hotel...) or completely create your tailor-made road trip with new routes in the territory materialized in yellow on the map below.

You travel, we organize. Consult us


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Camino de Santiago.jpg

Via Podiensis

This 7-day journey starts in Puy-en-Velay and takes you through the inspiring landscapes of the Via Podiensis, the famous route to Santiago de Compostela.

Our exclusive itinerary is designed to combine discovery, motorcycle adventure, discovery of territories, gastronomy, authentic panoramas and rich human encounters.

Ending in St Jean-Pied-de-Port, it leaves the choice to bikers to continue their quest for spiritual meaning or not.

Traveling the roads that the Via Podiensis takes, very little frequented, often degraded, our route offers you a total immersion in the landscapes that inspired generations of pilgrims.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable motorcycle experience with the Ultreïa road tripVia Podiensis!


With our partner:



The topographical multiplicity in Auvergne Rhône Alpes reveals the existence not of one climate (*) but of several, like a mosaic.

While the prevailing oceanic climate brings regular and moderate rainfall, it is strongly influenced by the mountains of the Massif Central to the west, the Mediterranean rises to the south and finally by the mountain climate of the Alps.

The very large differences in altitude in Auvergne Rhône Alpes
  bring to the motorcycle trip a very particular interest with very varied landscapes and for all the tastes. The fact remains that it is common to find on the same day a climate favorable to wearing a summer motorcycle jacket in the plains, then to encounter very cool temperatures on the summits, including in July and August, where you will have to remove your jacket lining or even the motorcycle gloves from the top box.

Winter enthusiasts will find in Auvergne Rhône Alpes something to satisfy their desires for motorcycle trips in these particular climatic conditions. Our motorcycle road trips with your group or personalized will meet this type of motorcycle trip.


Some examples of our motorcycle trips:
Motorcycle road trip, Aubrac

Located between the south of Auvergne and the north of Occitanie, July and August are good months for motorcycle trips in Aubrac if you want a little warmth with its warm oceanic climate. For lovers of changing colors and landscapes and average or even cool temperatures, May, June, September and October are made for you.

Motorcycle road trip, Haute-Loire and Velay
Due to its particular geographical location in Auvergne, Haute-Loire has a very contrasting mid-mountain climate due to the hollows and bumps shaped by volcanoes.
As a result, the continental and oceanic influences, both Mediterranean and mountainous, offer a very varied climate (great heat in the plains in summer and blizzards in the highlands in winter). For a motorcycle road trip , the period from May to September is ideal.

Motorcycle road trip, Cantal
With its topography made up of valleys, plateaus and mountains, Cantal can be divided into three climatic zones. The oceanic west, the mountainous center and the cool continental east. The ideal time to make your motorcycle trips extends from May to October depending on the openings and closings of the passes. July and August will be preferred for the more cautious in order to discover more warmly the plateaus, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and valleys which shape the magnificent Cantal landscapes.

Motorcycle road trip, the Alps (Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère), Vercors
Located between Drôme and Isère, the Vercors is in a humid continental climate. The most favorable period for a motorcycle road trip is from May to October. Be careful, however, May and October are considered rainy.
The Alps with their mountainous climate are suitable for motorcycle trips from May to October depending on the openings and closings of the mountain passes. The differences in temperature and even weather between the valleys and the passes, including in July and August, should not be neglected to prepare your biker equipment as well as possible.

Motorcycle road trip, Ardèche and Provencal Drôme
The Ardèche has a wide variety of climates. If the north is subject to a semi continental climate, the south Ardèche as well as the Provençal Drôme are similar to that of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region, with Mediterranean influences. Winters are relatively cool and humid, summers are (very) hot, spring and autumn are milder and allow for a very pleasant motorcycle trip avoiding the possible heat waves in July and August.

(*) Climates given according to the Köppen-Geiger classification


MAP - Moto Auvergne Plaisir is a travel agency on a human and family scale. You will only have 3 contacts: Catherine, Sonia and/or Jean-Michel.
Our road trips are exclusively created and tested by us. We do not sell tours from tour operators.

We try to favour relationships with local tourism stakeholders and in particular the local inhabitants who know their territory better than anyone.
We have institutional partners attentive to the quality of our services. They have guided us in the process of creating the company MAP - Moto Auvergne Plaisir. Their level of involvement is the guarantee of the success of your road trip.

Although a small company, MAP - Moto Auvergne Plaisir has the necessary professional and financial approvals with So Different's trademark license agreement.

A trademark license agreement to protect you :

The sale of trips is an activity regulated by the Tourism Code and supervised by the public authorities.
Registration in the national register of travel and holiday operators certifies that the professional with whom you are handling your travel plan meets the conditions provided for by the French Legislator to exercise, namely:


  • So Different Atout France registration: IM063100036

  • A financial guarantee, So Different - APST financial guarantee

  • Professional insurance, So Different - RC Pro HISCOX

  • Professional insurance, MAP - Moto Auvergne Plaisir - La Generali

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our frequently asked questions or contact us directly.

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