Foire Aux Questions

Can I try a couple of lessons to see if I like it and then decide if I want to enroll?

Yes, free trial samples of video lessons are available on request before registration.

How does the tuition payment work?

The tuition is paid either in one go or could be split into three equal installments (by trimester). Each trimester payment has a deadline which is 15 days before the trimester starts. You need to have one credit or debit card which will be associated with your student profile. The invoicing system will credit your account directly on the day of the deadline. After the payment is processed and your enrollment for the following trimester is confirmed, the access to new 10 academic modules will be opened for you.
If you choose to pay the full tuition amount upfront, you are eligible for a 10 % discount.

What is the weekly time commitment I need to follow this program?

You need to set apart 20 hours per week to follow the program and do the assignments. If you can dedicate more time, then it is even better. The more you practice the faster the results will show.

Will I have one instructor following me throughout the whole program or several?

You will have various instructors throughout the year. However, you will have one faculty member that will be your leading professor, but for different subjects, you would be receiving knowledge and feedback from different teachers of various expertise.

If I missed my weekly appointment online with my instructor, can it be rescheduled?

If you missed your scheduled appointment, you will not be able to reschedule it, but you can send your files to the professors for a review and you will receive a written or voice message feedback in the next 2-3 working days.

Is it possible to pause my studies for a while during the program?

Yes, you can freeze your enrollment one trimester (4 months) or 2 trimesters in a row (8 months). When you restart you will be joining in with a new group of students and will be finishing the program with them.

English is my second language. Do I need to present any certificate of language proficiency to enroll in the program?

No, you do not need to demonstrate any specific level of language proficiency in English. If you speak and understand English well enough to follow the program, then you are good to go.

I am a beginner artist and do not have a portfolio to present yet. Can I still enroll?

Yes, you can enroll. This program is designed especially for people who are beginners and/or lack academic base. So, if you have a portfolio to present, we will be happy to review it, so we can get to know you and your art. If you are at the very beginning of your journey and you don't have yet any artworks to present, it is also ok, and in this case, we will ask you to send us a short motivation letter as a presentation of you (maximum one A4 page).

If after a few weeks of being enrolled in the program, my circumstances change and I need to drop out, can I get a reimbursement?

You will not be able to get a reimbursement, but you can suspend your enrollment for 4 months or 8 months (one or maximum of two trimesters in a row).

I am considering taking the Mastery program which includes one month of the course in Florence at the end of the program. Does this course have to be taken immediately after 12 months, or can I come to Florence at a later point?

After you complete your online studies you have one year of time to choose any course of your preference for your one-month stay in Florence.

What subjects will be covered while in Florence for the bonus course at the end of the program?

You can choose any course from the list of the workshops which is published each year on our official website WWW.ARTAC.ORG. Our top suggestion for the month is either an Anatomy course or Portrait. These two complete the sequence of your studies in the most logical way and are a strong finishing point to your One-Year Online program. However, you are free to choose any course you like for your one-month stay in Florence.

When I come for the 2 months in the Florence course after I finish online studies, can I ask the school's help with visa and accommodation?

Yes, absolutely. If you need a student visa to travel to Italy to take your 1-month or 2-months course, we will provide an invitation letter for you. For most countries, there is no need to apply for the visa if your stay is under 90 days. But if your country requires that, we will be happy to assist. If you would like to book housing with us during your course, it is possible if there are available rooms. You will have to inquire about the availability at least 4-5 months prior to your planned arrival. Alternatively, if our student dorm facility is fully booked at the point, we will be happy to give you a suggestion of websites and Facebook groups where you can look for accommodation in Florence.